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'Overwhelming' international support for more government action on environment, message-testing experiment finds
March SLAS Discovery explores COVID-19 drug therapies six months later
Financial incentives for hospitals boost rapid changes to opioid use disorder treatment
Why COVID-19 vaccine distribution methods fall short and 3 ways to improve them
Top diversity and equity leaders in psychiatry offer guidelines for academic medicine
'Silent epidemic of grief' leaves bereaved and bereavement care practitioners struggling
Sensing suns
Study: Treatable sleep disorder common in people with thinking and memory problems
Predicts the onset of Alzheimer's Disease (AD) using deep learning-based Splice-AI
When foams collapse (and when they don't)
Oahu marine protected areas offer limited protection of coral reef herbivorous fishes
Picture books can boost physical activity for youth with autism
Atherosclerosis can accelerate the development of clonal hematopoiesis, study finds
Deep brain stimulation and exercise restore movement in ataxia
'Explicit instruction' provides dramatic benefits in learning to read
Sensing robot healthcare helpers being developed at SFU
Research reveals how bacteria defeat drugs that fight cystic fibrosis
Researchers identify characteristics of highest utilizers for mental health hospital services
Cerium sidelines silver to make drug precursor
Meteorites remember conditions of stellar explosions
Quantum quirk yields giant magnetic effect, where none should exist
New study highlights importance of context to physical theories
Republican and Democratic voters agree on one thing--the need for generous COVID-19 relief
Engineering the boundary between 2D and 3D materials
Exposure to diverse career paths can help fill labor market 'skills gap'
New tools find COVID patients at highest risk of mechanical ventilation and death
Agents of food-borne zoonoses confirmed to parasitise newly-recorded in Thailand snails
Measuring the tRNA world
Unburdening China of cancer: Trend analysis to assist prevention measures
Using neutron scattering to better understand milk composition
New research finds exercise may help slow memory loss for people living with Alzheimer's dementia
Blood tests offer early indicator of severe COVID-19, study says
Considering disorder and cooperative effects in photon escape rates from atomic gases
Investigating dense plasmas with positron waves
Light-emitting tattoo engineered for the first time
Prioritizing the oldest for COVID-19 vaccines saves more lives, potential years of life
How housing discrimination affects environmental inequality
Under climate stress, human innovation set stage for population surge
Genomic Data Commons provides unprecedented cancer data resource
Early PDA closure may improve outcomes in preterm infants
Advanced practice nurses reduce hospitalizations from nursing home residents
Maternal instincts lead to social life of bees
Bioinformatics tool accurately tracks synthetic DNA
A weak heart makes a suffering brain
Pesticide imidacloprid threatens future for key pollinator
Biologists from RUDN University suggested a new substance to suppress neuroinflammation
Genes identified that increase the risk of obesity but also protect against disease
Finding their comfort zone
Statin use associated with increased survival in severe COVID-19
Pioneering prehistoric landscape reconstruction reveals early dinosaurs lived on tropical islands