COVID-19 vaccine does not damage the placenta in pregnancy
History of giants in the gene: Scientists use DNA to trace the origins of giant viruses
Tiny, wireless, injectable chips use ultrasound to monitor body processes
Pregnant women hospitalized for COVID-19 infection do not face increased risk of death
Gene editing expands to new types of immune cells
Multiple factors influence family physicians' practice scope
Improving smoking cessation counseling and blood pressure quality metrics in primary care
Understanding SARS-COV-2 proteins is key to improve therapeutic options for COVID-19
Phenomenon explains why patients who survive sepsis die sooner after hospital discharge
Discovery of new geologic process calls for changes to plate tectonic cycle
World's fastest information-fuelled engine designed by SFU researchers
This stinks: New research finds sense of smell and pneumonia linked
Low-temperature crystallization of phase-pure α-formamidinium lead iodide enabled by study
Study examines connection between oral and general health in patients with diabetes
Artificial Intelligence and drones will help pin down Sosnovsky's hogweed
Patient expectations, doctors' prescribing habits, and antimicrobial resistance
Rules of the road: the navigational 'strategies' of bacteria in motion
Interdisciplinary consults can help primary care docs treat patients with chronic pain
Shared medical appointments help patients with prediabetes
Focus on outliers creates flawed snap judgments
Newer class of fluoroquinolone antibiotics may present reduced risk of tendon ruptures
Combination of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy more effective in treating depression
Novel circuitry solves a myriad of computationally intensive problems with minimum energy
Greater presence of family docs, midwives may decrease rates of cesarean birth
People living with HIV more likely to get sick with, die from COVID-19
Best practices to prevent the federal government from blowing its technology budget
How one of the oldest natural insecticides keeps mosquitoes away
Tumor-promoting immune cells retrained to fight most aggressive type of brain cancer
Americans are increasingly experiencing chronic pain
Study: Researchers use eel-like protein to control brain
Oregon State researchers discover new class of cancer fighting compounds
UQ research finds new way to reduce scarring
Tiny amino acid differences can lead to dramatically different enzymes
Rooting the bacterial tree of life
COVID-19 alters gray matter volume in the brain, new study shows
Space-based system can provide seismic monitoring for large earthquakes and tsunamis
Newly described horned dinosaur from New Mexico was the earliest of its kind
How do you rate your medical care? Your answer might be affected by your insurance
Tanzanian farmers boost diets with sustainable methods
Researchers find target to fight antibiotic resistance
Key steps could reduces cases and deaths from rheumatic heart disease in the African Union
Ultrasensitive antigen test detects SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses
Social isolation has a profound and increasingly negative impact on physical functioning in older adults
Lab reveals how an oral antiviral drug confuses the replication machinery of SARS-CoV-2
Lighting up biology from within
Dartmouth engineering study shows renewable energy will enhance power grid's resilience
New research outlines a critical driver in an immune cell's defense against melanoma
May/June 2021 Annals of Family Medicine tip sheet
Extreme weather affecting UK agriculture -- But adapting to changing climate a challenge for many farmers, study shows
How to thermally cloak an object

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