End of the line nears for NASA InSight Mars lander
What are the key climate themes at Davos?
Turtles freed in Tunisia with tracking monitor
Nearly 8,000-year-old skull found in Minnesota River
Breach exposed data of half-million Chicago students, staff
US high schoolers design low-cost filter to remove lead from water
Millions stranded, dozens dead as flooding hits Bangladesh and India
Boeing docks crew capsule to space station in test do-over
Rio's urban gardens produce healthy food for the poor
Long-hypothesized 'next generation wonder material' created for first time
All-optical phase recovery and quantitative phase imaging performed instantly without a computer
Unique quantum material could enable ultra-powerful, compact computers
Where do "Hawaiian box jellies" come from?
Unraveling a perplexing explosive process that occurs throughout the universe
Geothermal drilling successes offer potential gain for petroleum industry
Researchers demonstrate organic crystals can serve as energy converters for emerging technologies
Key Iraq irrigation reservoir close to drying out
Light pollution can disorient monarch butterflies
Are Republicans and Democrats driven by hatred of one another? Less than you think
Scientists explain why meridional heat transport is underestimated
DNA contained in honey reveals honeybee health
Mixing laser beams and X-ray beams
Topography and soil pH found to steer the activity-density and spatial distribution of termites in a fine-scale study
Elon Musk in Brazil to launch plan to survey and connect Amazon
Israeli firm hopes AI can curb drownings
Boeing's Starliner approaching ISS in high-stakes test mission
Wildlife officials truck Chinook salmon to cooler waters in emergency move to help them spawn
Growing number of sick and dying California brown pelicans worries animal experts
Space agencies provide global view of our changing environment
PFAS chemicals do not last forever

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