Astronomers discover largest black hole in Milky Way: Study
Saturday Citations: Irrationality modeled; genetic basis for PTSD; Tasmanian devils still endangered
Australia's Great Barrier Reef struggles to survive
'Forgotten city:' the identification of Dura-Europos' neglected sister site in Syria
Lemur's lament: When one vulnerable species stalks another
Study uncovers neural mechanisms underlying foraging behavior in freely moving animals
Scientists assess paths toward maintaining BC caribou until habitat recovers
'Harvesting data': Latin American AI startups transform farming
More than 2,100 people are evacuated as an Indonesian volcano spews clouds of ash
European XFEL elicits secrets from an important nanogel
Chemists introduce new copper-catalyzed C-H activation strategy
Scientists discover new way to extract cosmological information from galaxy surveys
Fusion-energy quest makes big advance with EU-Japan reactor
Pomegranate power: Unlocking sustainable antimicrobial solutions from peels
Compact quantum light processing: New findings lead to advances in optical quantum computing
How climate change affects potato cultivation in South Korea
Mars rover continues progress along upper Gediz Vallis ridge
Self-adjusted reaction pathway enables efficient oxidation of aromatic C-H bonds over Co@Y catalyst
US says two 'forever chemicals' are hazardous, tells polluters to pay
Some plant-based steaks and cold cuts are lacking in protein, researchers find
Merging nuclear physics experiments and astronomical observations to advance equation-of-state research
Actions needed beyond lawsuit to address social media's influence on youth, say experts
Study highlights importance of caregiver well-being in Uganda
AI for Earth: How NASA's artificial intelligence and open science efforts combat climate change
Two NASA sounding rockets launch from Alaska during solar flare
New report indicates alternative shelters lead to better outcomes for people experiencing homelessness
New study examines the increased adoption of they/them pronouns
New research shines light on how expert mapmakers see the world differently
Which countries are more at risk in the global supply chain?
Planned 'mass execution' of geese in Conn. city paused after outpouring of passionate input on both sides

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