Could AI help recover energy and fresh water from municipal wastewater?
Discovery of new geologic process calls for changes to plate tectonic cycle
Understanding SARS-COV-2 proteins is key to improve therapeutic options for COVID-19
Low-temperature crystallization of phase-pure α-formamidinium lead iodide enabled by study
World's fastest information-fueled engine designed by university researchers
Best practices to prevent the federal government from blowing its technology budget
Rules of the road: The navigational 'strategies' of bacteria in motion
Sustaining technology-enhanced learning innovations in teachers' classroom practices
Space telescope's golden mirror wings open one last time on Earth
Space-based system can provide seismic monitoring for large earthquakes and tsunamis
Researchers find target to fight antibiotic resistance
On the heels of one rare gray wolf's epic journey into California, another arrives
Newly described horned dinosaur from New Mexico was the earliest of its kind
Extreme weather affecting UK agriculture—but adapting to changing climate a challenge for many farmers
Now is the time to think about reintroducing jaguars into the US
Students with disabilities show resilience that could guide post-pandemic education
Novel ancient shark discovered
Roads pose significant threat to bee movement and flower pollination
Using phages to discover new antifreeze proteins
Lasers, levitation and machine learning make better heat-resistant materials
Successful DNA replication in cyanobacteria depends on the circadian clock
New research will make bean crops hardier, help improve global food security
When conservation work pays off: After 20 years, the Saker Falcon breeds again in Bulgaria
When conservation work pays off: After 20 years, the Saker Falcon breeds again in Bulgaria
Researchers reveal how PIF proteins regulate cytokinesis
Scientists publish unique data set on the northern Chilean subduction zone
Model bias corrections for reliable projection of extreme El Niño frequency change
Coral reef restorations can be optimized to reduce flood risk
Freeports: Innovative trading hubs or centres for money laundering and tax evasion?
Zoo YouTube videos prioritize entertainment over education

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